At Media Partners we strive to produce innovative work for our clients. The creatives that are developed are specifically tailored to clients’ products. Our creatives are built around a solid communications strategy. If you have a particular objective to achieve with realistic timing, our Media Partners team including high quality graphic artists and production personnel, will combine to achieve your goal.

Our track record demonstrates that our creatives are the best in the market place, an invariably better than our international counter- parts. We are proud of this cornerstone and would be pleased to provide examples of the fantastic work that we produce.

Our expertise includes:

  • Indoor / outdoor advertising design and production
  • Advertising campaigns (television, radio & print)
  • Copywriting
  • Corporate & brand identities
  • Event and promotion design
  • Conferences & seminars
  • POSM design
  • Web design


Construction business, even on a small scale, involves a variety of work including a bulk of legal proceedings, getting a lot of paperwork done, managing a large number of subordinates and also dealing with purchasing of tons of raw materials that too often with fluctuating costs, getting projects set-up probably the list is long. All these works leaves little or no time for planning marketing strategies. Though different in nature from most other businesses, construction business too needs well planned and executed marketing strategies to make it a success.

Our brand strategies are founded upon the understanding of a client’s business. It is this approach that sets us apart, and has made us one of the most sought after teams in New Delhi, INDIA.


The American Marketing Association defines services marketing as an organizational function and a set of processes for identifying or creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationship in a way that benefit the organization and stake-holders. Services are (usually) intangible economic activities offered by one party to another. Often time-based, services performed bring about desired results to recipients, objects, or other assets for which purchasers have responsibility. In exchange for money, time, and effort, service customers expect value from access to goods, labor, professional skills, facilities , networks, and systems; but they do not normally take ownership of any of the physical elements involved.

A service encounter can be defined as the duration in which a customer interacts with a service. The customer's interactions with a service provider typically involve face-to-face contact with service personnel, in addition to interactions with the physical elements of the service environment including the facilities and equipment.

We will research and understand the demographics of your brand, an specifically target your audience. We will also establish the role of your brand in the market place in order to create a unique selling proposition.

Our marketing services include:

  • Devising marketing and advertising strategies
  • Providing creative input
  • Developing tactical marketing campaigns
  • Developing brand positioning and copy strategy
  • Providing strategic media management
  • Providing market knowledge

    Promotions are a valuable tool in the marketing mix and are used in the overall communications strategy to support brand and business objectives.

    Developing and implementing successful promotions is an exciting challenge, and one that we embrace with passion.

    Using a promotion to communicate the brand to consumers requires everyone involved to work toward the same objective and plan. Media Partners ensures that this happens by co-coordinating the process from start (concept) to finish (implementation).

    Our record stands solidly upon the production of successful promotions for organisations of varying sizes in New Delhi, INDIA and internationally over many Years.


    Informative advertising, often used to launch a new product or to reach a new group of customers, gives people basic information, like what a product does, how someone might use it, where they can find it, and what the price point is. The objective is to capture interest, raise awareness, leave a positive impression, and motivate people to take the next step, like making a purchase or requesting more information.

    Persuasive advertising generally aims to increase demand, influence people to change brands, or motivate people to make a purchase. It might show the benefits a product offers or compare key features against a leading competitor.

    Reminder advertising reassures people who already know—and potentially like—a brand, with a goal of keeping the product or service top-of-mind for future purchases. It reinforces messages from other ads, and may include customer testimonials..

    Media Partners devises eye catching advertising concepts and presentations, and effectively manages the dynamics of structure and content, to ensure that every advertising presentation supports the clients’ objectives.

    Our graphic artists are experienced and talented individuals that employ styles ranging from the best of modern, contemporary, and traditional, and utilize the latest technologies including state of-the-art special effects software.

    Media Planning and Placement

    Media Partners has full media accreditation which enables us to undertake media placements on behalf of our clientele. We have excellent relationships with all media houses and can negotiate better rates and/or prime locations at all times, as well as receiving early opportunities with media specials.

    The team at Media Partners ensures a sound knowledge of a client’s consumer base. We will critique and recommend a media schedule that takes demographics and the watching, reading and listening habits of consumers into consideration.

    Our media scheduling is driven by the appropriateness of the style of placement to the relevant listening and/or viewing audience. That’s what makes Media Partners a success story - we tailor media planning to your business.

    Television & Radio Production

    Our conceptual development and pre-production expertise is utilised in order to ensure that the use of air time is consistent with campaign strategy, and that client needs will be achieved.

    Local and/or International production specialists are engaged according to the complexity and budget parameters of each campaign.

    Television also offers the greatest creative opportunity among the traditional media. It has visual elements like print and audio like radio, but it also has dynamic movement. Advertisers often try to tell stories within their ads that have an impact on the audience. Creativity can give greater meaning to a brand beyond its basic product. With TV, you can target emotional connections, incorporate characters that the audience can relate to and offer multi-sensory appeal.

    Radio and newspapers offer the most timely ad placements of any of the traditional media. This benefits the advertiser in two ways. One is that the turnaround time on getting an ad on air is very brief. A common time frame of a radio ad is three weeks production and two weeks to develop a total media buy. This is to produce an ad of strong quality and to buy significant air time. Small businesses can often produce and place on ad in just a few days. Timeliness also means that you can deliver more timely messages to promote current business activities and promotions.

    Media Partners utilizes media relationships in unison with an integrated campaign to ensure that the share of voice in the market place is amplified.

    Communication is about building relationships, as well as timing. Our rapport with leading journalists in the media enables us to cut through the red tape and create good press coverage.

    Our public relations services include:

  • Media press releases
  • Special feature articles, supplements and editorial inserts
  • News conferences
  • Brochures & booklets
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Seminars
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Tours & visits
  • Trade shows
  • Production

    Our production unit has earned a reputation for producing signage and branding products which are beyond the norm.

    All products are customized and made to order, with alternative ideas being provided as a part of each project. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

    Media Partners utilizes its own Roland Sol jet Pro XC540 Digital Printer for the production of all printed product elements, with only the best inks and materials being used in our print process.

    Any form of signage or branded construction that is sought can be designed, fabricated and installed with an absolute minimum of fuss.

    Event Management

    No event is too large or too small for Media Partners. We are one of the leading event management companies in New Delhi INDIA. We manage events that have not previously been staged in New Delhi INDIA. We possess the expertise, including a pool of specialists, to make your event a success.

    Our specialist service providers include:

  • Lighting experts
  • Sound engineers
  • Creative directors
  • Set designers
  • Stylists
  • Music directors
  • Trade booth & conference managers
  • Budget tracking and management personnel
  • We can create a wide range of events to reach your target audience. We devise great creative concepts, and establish sound planning routines – the key to event success. There is no event of any nature that cannot be successfully produced.